Day to day


The children attend between 8.30 a.m. and 4 p.m. during public school terms.

Signing in/out

It is imperative that this is filled in for your child each day when they attend preschool.  This is also where you can note down if someone other than you is collecting your child.  Please remember, this person must be authorised on your child’s enrolment form.

Daily routine & meals

Our routine is flexible throughout the day dependent on the needs of the children, the educational experiences provided that day and the season/weather. Below is a general overview of the day.

  • 8.30am Preschool Opens (Begin indoor/outdoor)
  • 10.00am Morning Meeting with Children
  • 10.15am Morning Tea
  • 10.30am Indoor / Outdoor Activities
  • 12.00 noon Language Group
  • 12.30pm Lunch
  • 1.00pm Indoor/Outdoor activities
  • 2.00pm Music and Movement Group
  • 2.30pm Indoor/Outdoor activities
  • 3.45pm Preschool Closes

All times in our daily routine are flexible in response to the needs of the children.

Morning Tea and lunch are at set times, however children are invited to eat if hungry outside of these times. Children bring their own morning tea, lunch and a drink for lunch. Water is available to drink at all times.

Routine Considerations

Each day children will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of provisions and experiences in both the indoor and outdoor environments.  They will be part of decision-making processes that shape our environments and the learning opportunities that come from these.

Materials from the natural world (sand, water, natural objects for collage, sorting, building, creating) where exploration and experimentation can be encouraged will have great value placed upon them as children can work creatively with them to extend problem-solving skills and challenge understandings.

Individual understandings and learning processes within peer groups will be carefully documented, where appropriate, and stories shared.

There are special times each day for group pursuits which may take place in small or large groups.  Children will be encouraged to be part of musical and language based experiences and these will be orientated around group interests.

The indoor and outdoor activities are all documented on our program displayed in the classroom. We love for families to provide feedback and ideas on our educational experiences we provide.

We actively encourage parents and families to be part of our curriculum and visit when able.

Rest Periods

The Monday/Tuesday group has a short rest period at the beginning of the preschool year. This consists of quiet stories and yoga.

Open Day-011Library Day

Library day is on a Monday for the younger group and Thursday for the older.

Special events

The preschool also caters for special events on premises and information for these shows will be provided at the appropriate times. Learn more about the specialist programs.