Communication channels


Communication between staff and families is extremely important.  Our staff are always available to talk to you about any concerns you may have. We also use a number of channels to communicate, as detailed here.


Newsletters are issued on a regular basis and are an important source of information.  Please read them carefully to be aware of upcoming events at preschool and keep them close at hand as weeks often tend to move very quickly.  Newsletters are emailed to you.

Noticeboards and posters

33-IMG_2623These are located in the locker room and with the sign in folder and will display community notices, fundraising information and committee information.  There is also a noticeboard outside in the children’s play area which is used to display topical information.

Posters are often placed close to the front door of the preschool and outline matters of urgent attention as well as upcoming events.

Peter Rabbit Journal

Each child has the opportunity tot take home Peter Rabbit and his journal. We love families write down anything that you as a family has been doing that your child enjoyed or something they have shown an interest in e.g. helping in the garden, cooking, trips out etc.  We will discuss this at preschool during a group time where children share the journal with us.

Medication book

Medication forms are provided when requested by teachers.  

Medicationforms must be fully completed if you wish your child to have medicine administered during the day.  Please inform staff members if your child requires medicine and give the medication to a staff member.

Only prescribed medicine will be administered and any medication found in a bag and/or without a correctly completed medication form will not be administered.

If a child is taking antibiotics they need to be on the medication at least 24 hours before attending preschool.

Day book

The day book is designed to give you an idea of what has happened during your child’s day and is a starting point for conversation.  Photos and information regarding children’s play and experiences will be emailed to all families daily as well as reminders for events.

Please take the time to read this every day. Be aware that photos of every child may not be in the day book every day, but should be present at least once each week.

Informal and formal complaints

Complain forms are located in the foyer in the top drawer of the cupboard.  The forms are designed to allow parents to voice their opinions.

If you have a concern, please address it with a member of staff first.  If, after addressing the concern with staff, you feel it has not been resolved, an informal complaint form can be filled out and placed in the box on the office door.  This will be taken to a committee meeting for discussion.

Where a complaint is of a highly serious nature and you feel it needs to be addressed urgently, a formal complaint form needs to be completed and the preschool’s Community Services Advisor notified. You can reach the Children’s Services Adviser at Department of Education and Communities on 1800 619 113.