Our Philosophy


At Peter Rabbit Community Preschool, we offer an environment where children’s well-being, learning and development are fostered through the context of the family and community in which we co-exist.  Each family is respected, and its individuality celebrated as we work towards positive partnerships within the Preschool community.  This respect is displayed through acceptance of all abilities, cultural heritages and religious backgrounds.  We acknowledge the importance of being non-judgemental or biased through our interactions and educational plans actively encouraging all to be involved in the program.


Flexibility is a major key to the success of the program, along with collaboration and communication between children, families and educators to create a setting where all voices are heard and respected. Parents are invited to assist in this important process, ensuring the program reflects the values of the Preschool community.


As educators, we believe in the importance of being responsive to the child as an individual, showing them care and nurturing them through this unique time in their lives.  This is achieved through the development of trusting relationships; the provision of an inclusive program and the offering of authentic experiences relevant to the children and families within the pre-school.


Our program acknowledges the importance of time for children, allowing them uninterrupted periods to explore, to experiment and to look more closely; to re-visit experiences allowing understanding and knowledge to grow and to come to a level of mastery.  We place great value on giving children time to find ways of achieving this for themselves, encouraging creativity in their pursuits, and developing awareness that there is often more than one way of making, thinking or doing.  We encourage independent learning and as we are part of this process, we accept the responsibility of acknowledging children as capable, competent and resourceful people.


Our learning environment endeavours to be happy and positive, living and breathing and always adaptable to those who are part of it.  The natural world is highly valued for its potential for learning through found materials, and we create aesthetically pleasing play spaces which encourage children’s inquisitiveness.  As we discover together in this collaborative process, individual opportunities for challenge and extension are enhanced.


Children are encouraged to be part of decision-making processes within the preschool, being made aware of safety and hygiene, as well as care for self and others. We encourage one another’s strengths and help each other to grow in understanding of respect and compassion.


Children are educated to have consideration for the environment and to be thoughtful in their use of resources.  They are encouraged to; learn skills for living accept and tolerate others, appreciate difference, question information, develop self-reliance and make good choices.


Learning style, temperament and personality in conjunction with our knowledge and understanding of child development is also considered.  Viewing the child holistically, and in relation to their peer group, ensures all developmental areas are carefully planned for and extended over time.  As educators we are researchers with children, delighting in their and our own discoveries; and through this partnership we offer praise, encouragement and genuine interest.


Documenting children’s work shows that we value their play and allow insights in to their thought processes, helping them make sense of their learning as information is both visual and verbal, giving opportunities to revisit and discuss events through reflection.  Documenting allows us to share stories of discoveries and successes and invite families into a relationship of reciprocity with us.


We plan with flexibility and collaboration, allowing for creative thinking, discussion, reflection and time to interpret children’s interests creating real opportunities for learning.  As a team, we support, encourage and challenge one another through respectful interactions, sharing of knowledge and resources.  We work together to create an environment where harmony exists for children and families, but also where ideas and teaching is challenged to continue the growing and learning process for all at Peter Rabbit.