Education Overview

Here at Peter Rabbit Community Preschool we provide a play based educational program in line with the Early Years Learning Framework National Curriculum.

There is a strong correlation between children’s  learning through play in  the earliest years and in and the impact in later life.

Every child has a focus teacher who develops their individual program and documents their learning.

Play Based Learning

The indoor and outdoor areas are set up in a way that promotes open ended play for children to use the way they choose.

The indoor area is divided into different areas including;

  • Drawing and writing centre
  • Dramatic / imaginative area
  • Science and technology room
  • The Creation station
  • Block and construction area
  • Puzzle and Games centre

Learn more about our fantastic Facilities in the About Us section.

Daily Activity

Our routine is flexible throughout the day dependent on the needs of the children, the educational experiences provided that day and the season/weather. Below is a general overview of the day. Morning Tea and lunch are at set times, however children are invited to eat if hungry outside of these times.

  • 8.30am Preschool Opens (Begin indoor/outdoor)
  • 10.00am Morning Meeting with Children
  • 10.15am Morning Tea
  • 10.30am Indoor / Outdoor Activities
  • 12.00 noon Language Group
  • 12.30pm Lunch
  • 1.30pm Music and Movement Group
  • 2.00pm Library/ Indoor
  • 4.00pm Preschool Closes

Key things to note:

  • We have group experiences in the morning and afternoon. In the morning we look at our calendar and discuss together the plans for the day.
  • Prior to lunch we have a language group. This includes stories, discussion and group activities.
  • In the afternoon we have a music and movement group. This is an opportunity for children to come together and sing, play instruments, dance and be active participants in group games.
  • Library day is on a Tuesday  and Thursday. Children bring their Peter Rabbit Library bag, collect their library card, and are invited to borrow a book off our shelf for the week.

Learn more about day to day activity in the Parent’s Area .

Parental involvement

Parents and families are actively encouraged to participate in the program. This can be through helping with a morning activity, taking a group time and visiting  for the many events we hold throughout the year.

Learn more about parent involvement in the Parent’s Area.